There are many ways to search for content in the Ted Koppel Collection. The main page includes a search box which searches all content contained within this site. An advanced search feature is available beneath the search bar, which you can use to search by Keywords Anywhere, within the Title, and by Date of Original fields, with additional refinements by date and a selection of filters. Further down you will find an Explore Video Collections section which displays the collections in date order and allows you to search collections individually or as a whole.

The Video Collections page displays the collections in size order from largest to smallest. Selecting the Ted Koppel Collection will allow you to search or browse all videos and programs on this site from one location. You may also search individual collections from this page.

On every page you will find a search box in the upper right of the page. Search terms will be returned from the metadata (i.e., description) and full text of the object where they appear. If you wish to search a string, use quotation marks. There is also a search option within collections when individual collections are selected from the main page or Video Collections page; this searches only within the specific collection that’s being viewed.

The People and Topics page allows you to select and combine terms from a variety of fields such as series (i.e., collection), host, interviewer, interviewee, reporter, appearance, keywords, and language.


Each list of objects, whether accessed by discete collection or by searching all, has filters on the left side of the display that will narrow the list of results to those that contain the selected information. After selecting your chosen facets, be sure to click on the Apply button located at the top and bottom of the page.  

Please note that in the current release of Quartex (the platform that hosts this site), the options available in each filter are from all of the objects in the repository, not only those that have been narrowed by search terms or collection; this means that there will be options in the filters that yield no results for what you are viewing if you are not in the “Ted Koppel Collection" or "Search All Collections” page which contains all of the objects available on this site. We expect to see this change in a future release.

You have the option to choose the number of results to view on each page and sort your results by date or title, ascending or descending. You also have the option to change the results page view from the default list to a grid.